Risk One in Stockholm

If you are going to get a  Swedish B driving licence, you need to complete the risk educations Risk one, compulsory part of driving licence training.

Risk 1 (theoretically part) and risk 2 (the practical part slippery driving) both have the zero vision as a basis and the goal is that no one should be seriously injured or killed in traffic.
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Wings Trafikschool is located in Alvik, which is one of Stockholm's communication hubs. Metro, buses and a crossroads go here.

Risk 1 is the first part of the mandatory risk training for B driving licences.

The course is held in a classroom at Gustavslundsvägen 151C in Alvik, Bromma. Wings Trafikskola is located centrally in Alvik with good communication only 10 minutes from Stockholm city and 5 minutes from Brommaplan. Physical attendance is mandatory for this course, and is not possible to attend digitally.
The length of the course is 180 minutes (3h), excluding 2x10 minutes of pause during the time of the course. Remember to bring your personal identification card or passport with you to the class.
The risk education is valid for five years: Within that time, you must obtain your driving license. If you have done a risk training for a motorcycle, it unfortunately does not apply to cars.

After this risk one training element you will be familiar with:

  • How to become a safe, responsible driver.
  • The consequences in traffic.
  • Risks and risk-taking.
  • Rules for drunk driving and fatigue in traffic.
  • The risk of accidents of different groups, such as men, women, the younger and the elderly.
  • How passengers, mobile phone use, stress and much more affect you as a driver.

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