The risk education part 2 ‘Slippery’ in English.

Risk 2 or Riskutbildning part 2 is the second part of the mandatory risk training for B driving licenses, is the practical part of the training.
In Sweden we call this course by many names: halkan, halkkörning, risktvåan, risk 2, slippery, risk 2 or riskutbildning part 2.
In order for you to pass the Risk 2 (Slippery) you must be able to drive the car independently.
The course is held at Linta gårdsväg 25, Bromma Halkbana (Bromma Slippery). The training takes 3 hours.
You will have the opportunity to go alone in the car and feel what it is like to lose control of your car for real. You will drive at different speeds on different road conditions, to evaluate the speed and your own ability as a driver to influence a situation that has arisen.
Through booking, you will receive a confirmation email (please check your spam folder) with all information.

How do I get to Bromma Halkbana (Bromma Slippery)?

The course is held at:  Linta gårdsväg 25
168 74 BROMMA
 Stockholms Bromma Halkbana (Bromma Slippery)

What do I need to know before Risk 2 english speaking course?

• Be on time. We ask you to arrive 10 -15 minutes prior to the class start.
• Bring identification.
• Parts of this course take place outside. Dress accordingly.
• You must be able to drive well. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to execute the tasks accurately, and you will not pass the course.

Exercises on the slippery road?

You get to try driving in different situations and speeds and discover both your own and the car's limitations:
  • These situations can occur in those situations when e.g. an animal runs up in front of us on the road, a car pulls out in front of us at an intersection, from a side road or a person runs out in front of a bus.
  • These emergencies can be divided into three levels of difficulty depending on the speed, the distance to the obstacle, the road conditions and the condition of the tires.