We offer the following compulsory weekend courses that are required to obtain for B driving licence:

We know how important it is that you get good driver's license training for your future safety in traffic. Our ultimate goal is for you to become a safe and road-safe driver. Our pedagogical, committed and certified driving school teachers with many years of experience provide the best conditions.
We offer all mandatory courses required for B driving licence. We help you with booking Risk 1 & Risk 2, theory test and driving. Safe choice at a good price for those looking for a driving school in Alvik, Bromma that adapts to your pace!
As a driving school, we tailor lessons as needed to get you ready to drive. We assure you that your training with us will be personal and fun.
The fact that our driving school in Alvik gets a lot of new students on recommendation is a clear signal that we are a very popular driving school.
Wings Traffic School is located in Alvik, which is one of Stockholm's communication hubs. There are subways, buses and a cross-country train.

Take your driver's licence at Stockholm's most personal traffic school!

Only 10 minutes from Stockholm city and 5 minutes from Brommaplan.

The risk education part 1 ‘Risk1’ in English is mandatory theoretically course  to obtain 
B - driving licence.

The The risk education part 1 ‘Riskettan’ 

is held in a classroom at Gustavslundsvägen 151C in
Alvik, Bromma.
The goal of the "Risk1” is to become a safe and responsible driver who is aware of the risks associated with traffic and vehicles.
Experienced and well-liked course leader.
100% satisfied participants so far.

Bromma Slippery
Bromma Halkbana -  Stockholm's nearest Slippery!

The risk education part 2 ‘Slippery’ in English

Risk 2 is the second part of the mandatory risk training for B driving licenses, is the practical part of the training. In order for you to pass the Risk 2 (Slippery) you must be able to drive the car independently.
The course is held at Linta gårdsväg 25, Bromma Halkbana (Bromma Slippery) 
You will have the opportunity to evaluate the speed, road conditions, vehicle and your own ability as a driver to influence a situation that has arisen.
Through booking, you will receive a confirmation email (please check your spam folder) with all information.

A really good driving school from start to finish. Gabriel is a very educational driving school teacher who adapts the lesson as needed. Everything was very smooth with the booking of Risk 1 & Risk 2 as well as the theory test and driving.-
Christopher Schager