The way to the driver's license:

Risk training part 1 (Riskettan) the mandatory training for B driving licence.

How to get a Swedish driving licence – watch the video

Step 1:

Apply for a driver's license permit and the eye examination.

Step 2:

Read theory and practice chorus in parallel. With the driver's license permit, you can practice driving from the time you turn 16. For private practice driving, both you as a student and your supervisor must have completed approved supervisor training.

Step 3:   Risk  1 end 2

Take the risk training.  Risk training part 1 and 2 is mandatory for everyone who is going to get a driver's license. Part 1 deals with alcohol, other drugs, fatigue and risky behaviour. Part 2 deals with speed, safety and driving in special conditions.

Step 4:

Book a test. When you book the knowledge test and the driving test, you must do it at the same time.
If you are training at the driving school, we will help you book the test.